A Tour of Open MongoDB Instances

Earlier last month, a security researcher called Victor Gevers sent out a tweet stating that he had stumbled upon a number of open MongoDB databases hosting what was apparantly logged chats from a number of Chinese applications such as Weixin (WeChat) and QQ:

Around 364 million online profiles and their …

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Discovering Interaction Effects in Ensemble Models
Using Friedman's H-statistic

Throughout the past year or so, both R and Python focused data science practioners have picked up on a paper by Friedman and Popescu from 2008 entitled Predictive Learning Via Rule Ensembles. Interestingly enough, the “meat” of the paper — at least in the context we’ll discuss here — is found …

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An Exploration of Cellular Automata and Graph Based Game Systems: Part 3
Moving to Graphs

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An Exploration of Cellular Automata and Graph Based Game Systems: Part 2
Grid Based Fluid Systems

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Note to Self: Fast Android Screen Capture

Getting a reliable, real-time screen of an Android device is more challenging than one might think, e.g. for the purpose of training a reinforcement learning agent.

This post describes a basic approach:

adb shell screencap -p

Sadly, adb mangles binary output and has a tendency to convert \n to …

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Bypassing Android Cert Pinning Using a Rooted Emulator (AVD)

A while ago I was interested in performing some HTTPS MITM analysis on an Android app, without having to rely on a real device but instead using an Android Virtual Device, or in other words: an emulated device. It turns out that this is surprisingly tricky with a lot of …

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