Word Spellchecking in Python
Some Games to Look Forward to in 2017
SmoothLife in Processing
Some Quick Spatial Kriging Fun With


How-to: Send HTML Mails with OAuth2 and Gmail in Python
Fun with Audiosurf 2 and Mitmproxy
Replacing BibTeX References with DBLP Entries, Updated
Programming Languages to Try
Fixing Flask url_for when Behind mod_proxy


List of Apps (Updated)
A Quick Look at Java Decompilers
Removing Background Color from a PDF Presentation
Rebuilding our Jython Console Plugin for Minecraft
Some Games to Look Forward to in 2015


This is What the Chinese Cloud Looks Like
List of Apps
Joomla 1.5 Security Fixes
Small jr.js (Junior) Modification
Windows 8 Annoyances (and the Sad State of Operating Systems and Everything, Really)
Replacing BibTeX References With DBLP Entries
Converting Plain Text References To BibTeX (or Endnote, or…)


Note To Self: Setting Up VNC Desktop For Remote User
Pelican Switch Follow-Up
I Did Switch to Pelican
A Bukkit Jython Console Plugin for Minecraft
I Almost Switched to Pelican, a Static Blog Engine
Raring / Digital Ocean Server Setup
Games I’ll Keep An Eye On In 2013


Ubuntu 12.04: “fixed channel mon0: -1”
An Attempt At Making A Javascript/HTML5 SliceIt! Clone, And A (Failed) Attempt At A Genetic Algorithm Based Solver
Gibbed’s Mass Effect 3 Audio Extractor: “IO.Path.Combine path1 cannot be null”
The nvmcp64.sys Blue Screen
Games I’ll Keep An Eye On In 2012


Oneiric / Linode Server Migration
Rooting Kindle Fire
Quick Fix: Windows 7 Service Pack 1 Error 80073701
Running A SSH Honeypot With Kippo: Let’s Catch Some Script Kiddies
MotionInJoy Appcrash When Loading Driver
Slowloris And Mitigations For Apache


Compiling Firesheep on Linux
Aircrack Quick Tutorial (Wireless WEP Cracking)
Ubuntu 10.10: “fixed channel mon0: -1” Aircrack Problem With iwl3945
Solving Color Problem In DirectDraw Games Update
Missing Icons In Notification Area (Tray Bar)
Oldie But Goodie: Privilege Escalation In Windows
Note To Self: Remote VNC (Listen) Connection
Get A List Of Steam Games (As Of May 2010)
Python Web Scraping Tools
Installing Heroes Of Might And Magic III (3) On Linux (Ubuntu)
New Theme, Testing 1, 2, 3…
The University Of Waterloo CS Club Tron Challenge, And Some Minimax In General - Part 2
The University Of Waterloo CS Club Tron Challenge, And Some Minimax In General


Get A List Of Steam Games
Building A Presenter View For Linux
Don’t Get Caught In This Steam Phishing Scam - How Phishers Work
Solving Color Problem (Red Grass, Purple Water) In Age Of Empires 2: Age Of Kings (The Conquerors And Others Too) On Vista And Windows 7
Solving A Tetris Cube, Recursive Backtracking, Algorithm X, Oh My!
Ubuntu Jauntu: Skype Worked Before, Now: “Problem with audio capture”
Vice City (And Perhaps Other Games) In Wine - CD Error With ISO
Modern Genetic (And Other) Algorithms Explained: Part 7 - Conclusion
Modern Genetic (And Other) Algorithms Explained: Part 6 - Tabu Search
Modern Genetic (And Other) Algorithms Explained: Part 5 - Ant Colony Optimization
Modern Genetic (And Other) Algorithms Explained: Part 4 - Simulated Annealing
Testing CSS For Code Tag
Nokia N95, 3G, Bluetooth, And Ubuntu Intrepid - 3G Tethering Howto
Modern Genetic (And Other) Algorithms Explained: Part 3 - CHC Eshelman
Modern Genetic (And Other) Algorithms Explained: Part 2 - Genetic Algorithms
Modern Genetic (And Other) Algorithms Explained: Part 1 - Introduction
Blog Updates!


Trying Google’s Native Client
Trying Arch Linux
Sacrifice Revisited
Virtualbox: Expanding A Disk Drive
ODBC Missing Driver… 64 Bit
Is w32codecs Freezing Your Ubuntu?
Muxtape Downloader Shell Script
Assembly Component {303994BA-6487-47AE-AF1D-7AF6088EEBDB}
Javascript browser detection using DOM capabilities


Game: Half Life 2 - Episode 2
Game: Medal Of Honor: Airborne
Game: Portal
Game: The Settlers: Rise Of An Empire
Some Articles
SQL: Check Existing Rows Matching A Condition
Programming Can Ruin Your Life
Game: Bioshock
Scrolling Unfocused Windows
Simulating LIMIT with offsets in SQL
Game: Jade Empire - Special Edition
Game: Overlord
Game: Call Of Juarez
The Number
Feisty Upgrade - First Problem
Top 10 Presentations On Scaling Websites
Ubuntu Feisty - Second Problem
Games: Supreme Commander And Command And Conquer 3
Huh?” Or “Where have my past two days gone?”
Game: S.T.A.L.K.E.R.
Back From CeBIT
Infographics And Animations
Cool Youtube Video - The Machine Is Us
More Links, Tools, And Sites…
Savage Released For Free!
Smashing Magazine…
Towers 2 Flash Game
Your Jung Typology
Some Links


Game: Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War - Dark Crusade
Been A While
Game: Neverwinter Nights 2
Game: Sid Meier’s Railroads And Trackmania Sunrise Extreme
Personality Disorder Test
Few Things
Edgy Tomorrow!
Oki Printers In Ubuntu
A Linkdump
Game: Scarface
Defcon Is Out
Google Code Search (And Other) Fun
Via Digg: Cool Spyware Video
Looking Forward (To October)
What A Day(s)
Comparing Vista UIs
Crappy Scanners And Linux
Penn & Teller’s Bullshit Links
My Dream App: More Contestants
Game: Lego Star Wars 2
Neverwinter Nights On My Ubuntu-Laptop
Playstation 3 European Ad
My Dream App finalists…
Bravia The Second Advert
Grinding Windows (To A Halt?)
Linux Games
More Tests
Now This Is A Game I Am Looking Forward To
Close Call
Visiting AIGLX/Compix And Back Again
Moved a long time ago…
Combat, New Blogger And A Farewell…
Thinkpad Stories (5 already): “Bluetooth and Nokia phones.”
Realtime Monitoring With PHP
Thinkpad Stories 1: “So ya wanna boot Ubuntu?”
Thinkpad Stories 2: “Partitioning woes.”
Thinkpad Stories 3: “Now for some colours…”
Thinkpad Stories 4: “Render it dammit!”
Welcome Thinkpad X60
Devhook 0.45 Out
WGA From Hell
Game: Prey
Headlines Of Today
Back For More
Sacrifice RAM Problem (Or: Fixing An Old Game)
Game: Half Life 2 Episode 1
How Many Steps Should This Take?
The Pirate Bay Raided!
Chop The Head Off
Game: Hitman Blood Money
Game: Rise Of Nations: Rise Of Legends
Game: Heroes Of Might And Magic 5
SA: MP Out
Motherboard Woes
VLC 0.8.5 Released
Game: Dreamfall: The Longest Journey
Hello Again
Dualscreen Glory
OMG!!! Ponies!!!
Game: Oblivion
DeviantART leeching
CeBIT 2006
Back Home
Game: Crashday
Cool Flickr Tool
Starting Off…


What Do You Do When It’s Rainy?
Autumn’s Start
Tempus Fugit
First Point
Long Time, No See
MSN Versus Google, The War Is On
MSN Messenger
Monday Again
Nostalgia 2005
Memo List
Project Gizmo
Why Do I Have To Press Start To Shut Down My Computer?
Busy Days
Daily Habbits
Back And Right Into Summer
Counting Down
I’m No Good At Inventing Titles
May Is The Sunny Promise That Summer Is Bound To Keep…
The Sun Shines
Week Starts
Personal Google
Map The Internet
That Lonely Feeling
More Gaming…
Oh No…
Pariah (2)