Small jr.js (Junior) Modification

Just a small post. I’ve been using this project lately to set up some quick static-only-but-Markdown-enabled project pages for a while now.

Basically, it allows you to set up a static website with minimal theming, but with the content rendering offloaded to the browser (in Javascript) instead of relying ...

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Replacing BibTeX References With DBLP Entries

Update (2014-08-08): commenters on Twitter have notified me about this script which aims to accomplish something similar, without DBLP, however. Fellow researcher Joos Buijs has also started working on a DBLP-enabled BibTeX cleaner over here.

This post is a kind of a follow-up for this one.

I am currently ...

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Converting Plain Text References To BibTeX (or Endnote, or…)

So last weekend, I’d almost finished editing a Word manuscript draft to submit to a particular journal, except for one final item on the todo list: converting the existing list of references (inserted and formatted as a plain text list) to another style.

I planned on using Word’s ...

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Note To Self: Setting Up VNC Desktop For Remote User

Another one of these things I always end up forgetting: setting up a Linux (in this case: Ubuntu) server so that users can login using a VNC client and get a (slim) desktop.

First thing you need to do is make sure you have a VNC server (tightvncserver), desktop apps ...

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Pelican Switch Follow-Up
Blogger wasn't working out after all...

Phew, all internal links on the blog should work fine now. There are a bunch left which link to the old Blogger pages, but that’s fine I guess; I’ll fix these as they come.

I promised to follow-up with some more details, so here goes…

Quickly after writing ...

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I Did Switch to Pelican

Just a quick heads up to let you know that this blog will look a bit different — once again!

Although indicated otherwise about a week ago, I’ve nevertheless decided to move away from Blogger and migrate to Pelican.

I’ll make sure to go into the details in a ...

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A Bukkit Jython Console Plugin for Minecraft
A Python interpreter for a Bukkit Minecraft server

Summary and Changes

This post describes how you can create a Python interpreter for a Bukkit Minecraft server, providing access to the full internal API. Commands are issued on a separate console window and do not require players or server administrators to be running the game itself.

Following list provides ...

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I Almost Switched to Pelican, a Static Blog Engine

Visitors familiar with my blog will notice a pretty big change when viewing this post. The blog’s been due for a redesign for some time now, so a few days ago I finally went through with it.

The redesign took more time than expected, since I spent quite a ...

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Raring / Digital Ocean Server Setup

Two years after having moved to Linode, coming from Slicehost, it seems that a new competitor is once again at the horizon, namely Digital Ocean.

I’d heard good things about them already, especially on Hacker News, praising their competitive pricing and clean dashboard. However, being newcomers to the field ...

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