An Exploration of Cellular Automata and Graph Based Game Systems: Part 2
Grid Based Fluid Systems

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Note to Self: Fast Android Screen Capture

Getting a reliable, real-time screen of an Android device is more challenging than one might think, e.g. for the purpose of training a reinforcement learning agent.

This post describes a basic approach:

adb shell screencap -p

Sadly, adb mangles binary output and has a tendency to convert \n to …

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Bypassing Android Cert Pinning Using a Rooted Emulator (AVD)

A while ago I was interested in performing some HTTPS MITM analysis on an Android app, without having to rely on a real device but instead using an Android Virtual Device, or in other words: an emulated device. It turns out that this is surprisingly tricky with a lot of …

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Note to Self: Using Tesseract to Extract Subtitles

Say you have video such as this one on Facebook. Most of these come with hardcoded subtitles, which we’d like to extract (for whatever reason).

Opening the page in Chrome and inspecting the network requests quickly uncovers the media URL: …

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An Exploration of Cellular Automata and Graph Based Game Systems: Part 1
Introduction to Cellular Automata

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And Now, Time for a Rant
Everything about computing is horrible

I’ve been interested in computing since I was a kid. The ability to tinker with the internals of a machine, the brutalism of DOS, Windows 3.1 and Windows 95’s interfaces (those big grey buttons)… It was a great time for young persons to get started with IT …

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Cleaning Up a Gmail Inbox
Using Python and the Gmail API

I’ve been getting increasingly frustrated by my overflowing Gmail inbox lately. I’ve been using Gmail as a primary e-mail service since 2005 and have collected tens of thousands emails over the years.

Lately, I’ve been finding it increasingly harder to quickly find an e-mail using Gmails otherwise …

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Word Spellchecking in Python

In case you’d ever want to integrate Word’s spell checking capabilities on top of your Python app, here’s how you would do so:

The only requirement is having Word installed (with the language packs installed for the languages you want to check), as well as the Python …

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