Joomla 1.5 Security Fixes

Although I now have moved on — for most part — from PHP, I am still maintaining a number of websites build on top of Joomla. Ever since Joomla 3.0 was released, Joomla 1.5 has reached end-of-life status, meaning that there will be no more updates nor security fixes for ...

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Small jr.js (Junior) Modification

Just a small post. I’ve been using this project lately to set up some quick static-only-but-Markdown-enabled project pages for a while now.

Basically, it allows you to set up a static website with minimal theming, but with the content rendering offloaded to the browser (in Javascript) instead of relying ...

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Replacing BibTeX References With DBLP Entries

Update (2014-08-08): commenters on Twitter have notified me about this script which aims to accomplish something similar, without DBLP, however. Fellow researcher Joos Buijs has also started working on a DBLP-enabled BibTeX cleaner over here.

This post is a kind of a follow-up for this one.

I am currently ...

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Converting Plain Text References To BibTeX (or Endnote, or…)

So last weekend, I’d almost finished editing a Word manuscript draft to submit to a particular journal, except for one final item on the todo list: converting the existing list of references (inserted and formatted as a plain text list) to another style.

I planned on using Word’s ...

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Note To Self: Setting Up VNC Desktop For Remote User

Another one of these things I always end up forgetting: setting up a Linux (in this case: Ubuntu) server so that users can login using a VNC client and get a (slim) desktop.

First thing you need to do is make sure you have a VNC server (tightvncserver), desktop apps ...

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Pelican Switch Follow-Up
Blogger wasn't working out after all...

Phew, all internal links on the blog should work fine now. There are a bunch left which link to the old Blogger pages, but that’s fine I guess; I’ll fix these as they come.

I promised to follow-up with some more details, so here goes…

Quickly after writing ...

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I Did Switch to Pelican

Just a quick heads up to let you know that this blog will look a bit different — once again!

Although indicated otherwise about a week ago, I’ve nevertheless decided to move away from Blogger and migrate to Pelican.

I’ll make sure to go into the details in a ...

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A Bukkit Jython Console Plugin for Minecraft
A Python interpreter for a Bukkit Minecraft server

Summary and Changes

This post describes how you can create a Python interpreter for a Bukkit Minecraft server, providing access to the full internal API. Commands are issued on a separate console window and do not require players or server administrators to be running the game itself.

Following list provides ...

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I Almost Switched to Pelican, a Static Blog Engine

Visitors familiar with my blog will notice a pretty big change when viewing this post. The blog’s been due for a redesign for some time now, so a few days ago I finally went through with it.

The redesign took more time than expected, since I spent quite a ...

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