Converting Plain Text References To BibTeX, Updated

This blog post is an update for this one. I was recently contacted regarding the original post no longer working. Indeed, the version used there is being blocked by Google Scholar.

Looking at the GitHub page, we do find an updated version from about 8 months …

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Programming Languages to Try

I routinely use Python, R and Java during my day-to-day tasks, but have been itching recently to get up to speed or try out some of the following languages.

This list basically serves as a note to myself to start experimenting with some of them:

  • Haxe — basically in combination with …

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Fixing Flask url_for when Behind mod_proxy

Imagine you have an Apache server set up with a virtualhost configuration listening to some domain, e.g.


You have a Flask app running at:


You want to add a mod_proxy directive so that:

http://my.domain:8080/app_location/  --->  http://localhost:5000

Most resources will …

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List of Apps (Updated)

Again that time of the year where Windows’s being reinstalled, so once again I’m jotting down a list of apps I normally install right away, slightly updated versus last year.

(This list last updated in May 2016.)


  • Skype is back. The web version was not robust enough …

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A Quick Look at Java Decompilers

I’ve been looking at various Java decompilers recently for a project I’ve been working on in spare time.

Java code obfuscation is something I have an interest in for no particular reason, mostly because you see a variety of cool approaches popping up in the wild to prevent …

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Removing Background Color from a PDF Presentation

Ever ran across a PDF export of a Powerpoint which looks like this?

Get ready to buy a new toner

Turns out it is not so easy to convert this to printable design (at least not without having access to the original presentation file, that is). Adobe Reader already allows to do the following:

  1. Press Ctrl+K …

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Rebuilding our Jython Console Plugin for Minecraft
A Python interpreter for a CanaryMod Minecraft server

Summary and Changes

This post describes how you can create a Python interpreter for a CanaryMod Minecraft server, providing access to the full internal Canary API (CanaryLib). Commands are issued on a separate console window and do not require players or server administrators to be running the game itself.

Following …

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Some Games to Look Forward to in 2015
Most of these are indie titles

I though it was just me, what with being busy and older and all, but it kind of looks like everybody agrees that 2014 has been a generally shitty year for gaming. Summarized, the arguments boil down to one of the following:

  • Triple-A titles are released on-schedule, instead of on …

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This is What the Chinese Cloud Looks Like
A relaxed reverse-engineering trip into Weiyun


It should not come to a surprise that the Chinese technology giants are — just as their western counterparts, rolling out their respective versions of cloud storage services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive.

They are approaching it like most of their offerings:

  1. Explore and learn from foreign competitors …

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List of Apps

I’ve been reinstalling a lot of Windows machines lately (cleaning house and such), and just wanted to jot down a list of apps I’ll install before doing anything else. To get the base system running, so to speak, mostly as a reminder to my future self.


Chrome …

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