Programming Languages to Try

I routinely use Python, R and Java during my day-to-day tasks, but have been itching recently to get up to speed or try out some of the following languages.

This list basically serves as a note to myself to start experimenting with some of them:

  • Haxe — basically in combination with OpenFL and Flixel to try my hand at recreational Android game programming.
  • Rust — hearing great things about Rust lately.
  • Go — one of the favorites these days, were it not for the lack of generics.
  • Nim — not sure how this stacks up to Go and Rust, but it looks to be an interesting project as well.
  • Kotlin — as someone who’s been scarred by Java for a long time, Kotlin seems like the absolutely best way towards improving upon the language. Looks really fun!
  • Racket — looks like a very solid Lisp/Scheme dialect, with an awesome programming environment and community. I especially like how people have been using the language in the typesetting ecosphere.
  • Scala — not really “new”, as I’ve been using Scala before (together with Spark), but I definitely need to grok it more.
  • Erlang and Elexir — which look like being an incredible robust solution towards building server apps.
  • Io — more as a research exercise.
  • Lua — in a similar realm as Haxe, to use in combination with the LÖVE framework, though I always find the language to be messy to work with once projects get large.
  • Crystal — a Ruby-like language with strict syntax and checking.
  • Julia — as a potential R replacement, though the ecosystem is still quite far behind.