Huh?” Or “Where have my past two days gone?”

I’ve been kinda bored lately. I enjoy playing a game when I stop working. The problem is that lately I haven’t been able to find a really good game which kept me hooked. Where are the times of those good atmospheric games like Half Life 2 (Episode 1 if you wish), Beyond Good And Evil, Psychonauts, GTA San Andreas, Fahrenheit, Dreamfall (how I loved that game), Prince Of Persia… Wait a minute… Prince Of Persia.
I decided to reinstall The Two Thrones, which I didn’t finish last time I played it. (I only played for half an hour through the game and then became distracted).
While I was thinking about the fact that installing this game would certainly take a lot of my time I was listening to some PoP game-music. Hearing Time Only Knows and I Still Love You were enough to convince me. I inserted CD 1.
We’re now two days later, it’s past midnight again, and I have completed the game. I must say: what an experience. The ending was fantastic. I just can’t understand why I am so hooked on that game (I always believed I wasn’t the guy for platformers).
Sigh… and now I’m bored again :), but at least I have a sense of accomplishment now (if you can call it that).