Old news really, but Microsoft has released more details about their upcoming music player, Zune, yesterday.
In my opinion, MS has done a very good job when it comes to designing this thing. Look at the brown version: it’s very retro and stylish. I actually like them better than iPods (sorry Apple fans).
However, only time will tell if these things will be usable too. (Worst case: contains more DRM than iTunes. Or crashes with a BSOD…) Also: Microsoft still wants to get the ‘Hey we are cool too!’-message out, without actually being hip. (Not that they have to in my opinion: the Zune looks very well designed. [1])
Still, at the moment I am more than happy with my Creative Vision: M music player: 30Gig and great battery live. Actually: I first wanted to get another iRiver, but since they now also use MTP [2], I decided to pick up something slimmer. The tag-based-browsing system is a pain in the shiny metal ass though, because I still have a lot of untagged MP3s, so I hope the next firmware update will contain directory/file name based browsing (please)…
Here’s a video of Zune in action:

[1]: Then why is Vista so ugly?
[2]: Media Transfer Protocol