Game: Dreamfall: The Longest Journey

I’ve finished Dreamfall yesterday (after a long-night-session). It was great.
I am not going to give any spoilers, but if you like science-fiction, fantasy, adventure games, or even movies (since you will feel you are playing a movie) you should pick up this game and play it until you see the (fantastic) ending.
The graphics are great too. Be warned though that you need a fairly recent PC to be able to play it. Various users have reported graphical glitches. I haven’t had any problems with it however (running in 1600x1200 in full AA and quality).
The music is amazing too. There might be a soundtrack out soon, but until then I’ve been ripping the 300Mb worth of MP3 music out of the PAK files (use Dragon Unpacker 5 with Hyperripper).
I have provided a mirror for Zoe’s ringtone. (The last 4 hex values were added: the ringtone will loop and play correctly.)
If you want a full, better-written review, check out **Greg Kasavin’s article.
As you can notice, I’ve added a small video advertisement on the right, there even is a Spread Dreamfall website, you should help them sell 500000 copies!
- Amazing story, you will play this from beginning to end with awe. - Beautiful setting and graphics. You will want to live in Casablanca of the future. - Music is fantastic (some of it by the group Magnet). I’ve spend the whole afternoon extracting it from the game, and I will certainly buy the soundtrack. - Finally: another good adventure game. Cons:
- You may experience graphical glitches. - You need a lot of space on your main partition if you’re running Windows x64, this is a known bug and will probably be patched. - It’s not an action game, it may not be your thing. - A tad short, alas. - A lot of questions remain unanswered, so we will have to wait until the third (and probably final) part comes out… the waiting will be hard.