Memo List

Because I was bored and my memory is having problems remembering things lately, I’ve put together a list for me with all the games I should keep an eye on. Please only read this if you’re interested in my gaming needs, otherwise just ignore ;).
Call of Duty 2: it should be clear why, looks stunning and story will be immense again, too! Brothers in Arms 2: maybe… Bet on Soldier: again maybe, if I’m bored at the time of release. F.E.A.R.: graphics looks amaaaazing! Half Life 2 Aftermath: just one to have to complete the collection. Quake 4: grew up with Quake 1, so… (Actually, that’s a lie, I grew up with Jill of the Jungle and later Duke Nukem. That’s Duke Nukem 1, mind you.) Unreal Tournament 2007: woot, more killin’. Star Wars Battlefront 2: maybe. Commandos Strike Force: maybe. Hellgate London: this is a weird one, could be interesting. Prince of Persia 3: definitely! Battlestations Midway: could be fun. Star Wars Empire at War: must… Have… This! This is what Force commander should’ve been! Age of Empires 3: also really necessary. Paraworld: looks nice. Outfront 2: the sequel to the extremely hard Soldiers, which I loved! Fable: yes yes yes yes yes! A must-have in my opinion. The Elder Scrolls 4: yes, that’s Oblivion, ‘nuff said. Dungeon Siege 2: oh well, make it quick. X3 Reunion: I hope this one will be better, because I still love space games. Black and White 2: yup, also a must-have. Spore: now this is a weird game, I must definitely try this one out. This nice long list really fills the page. Of course I could make this list go on and on and on… you get the point.