I’ve been following various news streams across the Internet.

Yesterday, London was shook up by various explosions, and today, another terroristic attempt. I find the people of London very brave, and they should definitely continue living their lives as normal as possible. I will not engage in a political discussion, but I find the “zero-tolerance” behavior the London police is using right now a good thing! Terroristic attempts like these and the people who organize them should be wiped out. Since 2001 countries around the globe live in fear of terrorists, and the terroists themselves are feeling satisfied because they’re in the news again. Of course, there are people who say that, since they like the attention, we should just ignore them. I find this a very fatalistic view on the matter, if you ignore them, you also ignore their acts which cannot remain unpunished.
I wish my English was better so I could phrase my thoughts better, but news like this makes me sad and angry. I have a feeling we’re degrading into the Middle Ages again. People of London, you have my sympathy!